Want to be a model?

Well, you don't actually have to be a model to star on theinvisibleham website - you can be any shape, size, colour - you don't even need to come from this planet! All you have to have is a device that records video and a spare 3 minutes to feature on the new upcoming "selfies" section of theinvisibleham (you also have to be female!)

However, if you're are a guy and you're reading this: do you have a girlfriend / partner / wife / mistress that you would like to show off to the world? Well now you can and unlike posting to a tube site - I'll PAY you for it!

I know what you're thinking: "But Steaky, if people from my work see me then I'll get fired!". Clever Steaky has already considered this: You don't need to film your face! So there's no chance of your place of work finding out (unless of course your work colleagues know that you have a mole just below your left breast in which case - busted!)


  1. Cash paid for each video posted to the website - unless of course you want to post for free!
  2. Video should be around 3 minutes long
  3. Minimum level topless - we have to see a nipple or two!
  4. Video should contain at least 1 minute where you are wearing clothes - got to give them a tease!
  5. Must be female
  6. Must be over 18 (photographic proof will be required)

What should you do in those 3 minutes? Slow stripteases are good, as is dancing, as is dirty talking.

Be creative; surprise me!

Send your selfie video or any questions you have to: steaky@theinvisibleham.com

Happy Filming!

Steaky Ham