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Big Firm Breasts


I'm a big lover of bee stung lips on a woman. They just looks so full, sensual and kissable. I remember when I was about 18 (a very long time ago!) getting a blowjob from my girlfriend at the time who had big full bee stung lips and weirdly I remember the act looking too beautiful. I actually felt bad for some reason like these lovely lips weren't meant for cock. My tune changed fairly quickly after that as perversity seems to rapidly accumulate with age as I learned that watching a girl giving you head is just about the best damn thing there is.

So the gorgeous Nina Carter - as you may have guessed - has beautiful big blowjob…I mean bee stung lips. And with this she also has an amazing big natural pair of tits, amazing ass and dynamite body all round. I hope you enjoy her selfe!

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