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Buxom Delight


BBQ this weekend and beers with mates!! It really is hard to contain my excitement to what would have normally been a fairly standard spring weekend – but ahh “release” – now I have that off my chest.

So this selfie isn't really a selfie at all, it just has to go in the “selfie” section as when I took the film I didn't have a stills camera to speak of (which is why it's taken me until now to post this). Well, maybe I did, but it was total pish and took 2 seconds to recharge after each flash so was kind of embarrassing to bring on shoots. One model did tell me about some guy who booked her and all he had was one of those crummy old nokia phones (around beginning of 2000) that took super crappy pics where one pixel would equate to the whole nipple). He took her up into his bedroom, got the nokia out and then said they would have to be quick as his wife was coming home in half an hour. Classy!

Back to the new movie – or should I say old movie as I shot it about 12 years ago. The girl featured is the lovely Claire who sports a super fit ass, great big boobies and just look at those light hazel eyes!

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