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Dripping Honey pt3


So just when you think it's safe to go back in the water…Boris appears on our screens like he's been hit with a wet fish and tells us we're locked away for another century. This means I'm going to have to string out what I have left I'm afraid. It's not like I bang 'em out like the big boys anyway; think of me more as an Artisan purveyor of niche material. This basically means I can't compete with the Porn Hubs of the world; however, I can continue to exist with your help dear reader! (Well, only if you like my stuff that is)

So what little gem have I managed to find this month I hear you say?! Well, the panties are different from my last update, but the pussy is most assuredly the same. What does that mean? Well, that means more silent – but deadly – streams of lady love dripping down.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely Krissy once more! (sign up first obvs!)