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Dripping Honey pt1


Well, it had to happen sooner or later – Steaky's backlog of lovelies is very close to drying up. We can thank these bloody never ending lockdowns for using up my well of luscious lovelies – but will I stop posting? Oh no…no siree bob! My submissions will be a little more off the cuff; some movies I had just lying around as it were (on the captain's table) plus maybe some exclusive unreleased footage. Whatever happens I will endeavour to keep up my monthly release through these difficult times!

So this month sees the lovely Gemma in super close-up. And what is she doing pray tell? Why she's watching porn of course - I should know as I put it on! This is one for you eagle eyed folks out there that appreciate the more subtle things in life. Needless to say this type of film is right up my alleyway…I hope you enjoy it too!