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Pert Breasts Shower


So every now and again I get to work with a beautiful lady who for some reason does not want the rest of the world to know that she is going to appear of the hallowed pages of theinvisibleham. I can't imagine why this should be the case – I mean it's hardly Razzle or Readers Wives! But I do understand as everybody has the capacity to change (I stole that one from a good friend!) and maybe one day she'll want to be a politician or a teacher or appear on “I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here!” It is a shame though in a lot of cases – as it is with the gorgeous Veronica – as quite simply she is gorgeous and you'll never know because you will not see her face. But you know she could be that girl that sits beside you at work – or maybe that hot tall slim one that jogs past you every day. Who knows…sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality though (that one I stole from my mum!)

So enjoy the gorgeous lovely tall slim pert breasted Veronica and sign up to today! (Whoever she is!)