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Wet Hard Nipples


So I see hairy pussies are making a bit of a comeback these days. They used to be all the rage back in the seventies with muff to belly button fur pretty common place. I must admit I prefer a nice smooth shaved pussy because A. it looks really pretty and B. you don't get any pubes caught in your teeth when you're diving down to the holiest of holes. That's not to say I'd turn my nose up at a hairy pussy – I mean, I must have munched on hundreds before “smooth” became fashionable so in the end it's just a preference.

So why all this talk of minge hirsute? Well the lovely super naughty Mystique has a hairy pussy (no overly so) so I thought it was a pertinent topic. Mystique also has a cracking figure and some amazing nipples that get nice and long when erect – my favourite as you may know!

In this selfie short Mystique is taking a nice hot soapy shower – remembering to give her big natural tits and pussy a nice thorough clean – and she ends with the all-important boob wobbling brushing of teeth.

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