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Nina Carter Topless


While reviewing Nina Carter's amazing sizable natural breasts in this short selfie I had a wee smile to myself. It was while watching her brushing her teeth; her lovely tits wobbling and her nipples becoming erect. This by itself is always enough to make both me - and my cock – smile however what occurred to me was that when I started all this back in 2006 there was absolutely no porn available of women doing average domestic stuff while semi clothed (for “down blouse”), topless or naked; hell, there wasn't even a category called “Down Blouse”! But now there's absolutely loads of content out there showing this type of niche. And I tell you what – I couldn't be happier! It means the kind of thing that gets my old motor going is so much more easy to get hold of – if I didn't have a website and I was starting out now I probably wouldn't bother as half of the reason I started this was because the content I liked wasn't available which basically meant I had to film it. Sweet!

So enjoy Nina Carter and that wonderful set of tits go through the everyday humdrum of dental hygiene - and love it!