The Invisible Ham FAQ


We may never know. The creator of this website is a man who goes by the name of Steaky. Steaky lives alone - incapable as he is, of meaningful relationships. He lives in a guesthouse, situated deep in the Highlands of Scotland. Apart from this, all we know is that somehow, through some implausible plot device, he has managed to formulate an invisibility serum (the most likely explanation is that it was a cream for an extensive and persistent ball rash, that had passed its sell-by date). Using this serum he spies on unsuspecting young girls who happen to take up his lodgings; watching them get changed, in the shower, cheekily masturbating and even brushing their teeth!


To cancel, go to Epoch. It's a very simple procedure to cancel, which I'm reliably informed, is even monkey proof. Although monkeys would have difficulty getting credit from any of the major banks in the first place.


Joining gives you unlimited access to stream movies direct to your browser or download video files to your PC; the majority of which are in glorious HD (the downloadable files are all in .wmv format). Joining also gives you access to the photo galleries that accompany each movie. So, all you do is click on 'Join' and follow the instructions. The amount is recurring at $19.95 USD until cancelled.


One long and juicy invisibleham update every month. Check the home page for the latest movie updates!


If you wish to contact me for any reason, my email is